I am the in-house Creative Services Supervisor at UCLA Transportation. I am also Sole Proprietor of BP Design Lab. I do branding/identity, print and web design, still and motion photography, film making, illustration, environment design, and calligraphy. Basically, if it involves creating then your project is right up my alley.
Over the years, I've learned that the design process is about advising as much as it is about applying art for a specific goal. For me communicating, story-telling, and paying attention to the minute details are essential for the integrity of the project.  Equally important is the ability to know when to roll up my sleeves and get the project done.
That's me below riding my beloved mountain bike, dodging an epic storm, eluding dinosaurs, and most importantly proving that sometimes it's fun just to make awesome stuff.

Digital Art by Suede Flores.  Art Direction by me.

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